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At United Bank & Trust Company, we take pride in being a resource for our customers. Our staff is ready to answer any question you have about the products and services we offer. Below, you will find a list of the most common questions we encounter from our customers. If you don’t see your question, or you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re ready to help.

mBanking FAQs

What is UBTC mBanking?

UBTC mBanking is the ultimate on-demand service, providing you the triple play mobile solution of smart phone mobile apps (iPhone® & Android®), mobile web and text banking.  mBanking is available free of charge to all UBTC Online Banking customers. 

How much does it cost?

United Bank & Trust Company does not charge for mBanking services. However, there may be charges associated with text messaging and data usage on your phone. Check with your carrier for more information.

Is it secure?

Yes, the mobile banking service utilizes best practices from online banking, such as HTTPS, 128-bit SSL encryption, password access and application time-out when your device is not in use. Only the devices that you personally enroll in the service can access your accounts. In addition, no account data is ever stored on your device. And in the event your device is lost or stolen, the service can be immediately disabled by either going online to the Mobile Mangement website or calling UBTC.

Do I have to be enrolled for UBTC Online Banking to use mBanking services?


Yes, you must first have a UBTC Online Banking account.

What is Enrollment?

Enrollment is a one-time process that helps ensure your security. The enrollment process for both native and mobile browser Mobile Banking applications requires you to download the application, sign-in using your online banking username and password, answer your security question, accept the Terms and Conditions, and finally enter your device phone number (not applicable for tablets). The enrollment process for SMS text banking requires you to log in to online banking, select the Mobile Management link under the User Services tab, and follow the instructions to retrieve an activation code. The activation code will be required to begin using SMS text banking on your device.

Will the UBTC smartphone app work on all mobile devices?

UBTC smartphone mobile apps have been developed for iPhone® and Android® devices.

Where do I download the UBTC iPhone and Android apps?

Download the UBTC mobile apps for free from the Apple Store or Google Play - simply search for UBTC!

What accounts can I access with UBTC mobile and text banking?


UBTC mobile banking and text banking allow you to access any of your accounts available for access within Online Banking.

What can I access from the UBTC smartphone app or mobile web?


View real-time account balances, check images, transaction history, transfer funds between accounts, pay bills, utilize UBTC calculators, link to our locations, ATMs and Hours page, view the FAQs from our website and view the Meet Our Staff page from our website.

Can Transfers be made using UBTC mobile banking?


Internal transfers can be made using the mobile service. The transfers page will list all approved online transfer accounts.

What is UBTC text banking?

Text banking gives you access to your accounts via text (SMS) messages on your phone.  It's a fast, easy way to look up account balances or recent account history by sending a text command to a shortcode.

What is the UBTC shortcode?

All text messages will come from, and should be sent to, 96865

What are the UBTC text banking commands and shortcuts?


Text Banking Commands: B=Balance; H=History; C=Command, HE=Help, L=Login; S=Stop.  Text Banking Shortcuts help the user access specific account balances or transactions quickly by providing both the command and account number at the same time.  Example shortcut commands are: B 2, H 1, BAL 1, HIST 2.  NOTE: You can check for additional available commands by activating your phone and sending C to 96865.

What is Mobile Check Deposit


Mobile Check Deposit is a convenient, easy way to deposit checks from your mobile device into one of your UBTC accounts. With the UBTC Mobile Banking app on your iPhone®, iPad®, or device utilizing the Android® operating system, you can take a photo of your check, enter the check information and securely submit your deposit for processing.

BillPayer FAQs

How does UBTC BillPayer work?


UBTC BillPayer is offered through Online Banking and allows you to set up payments to just about anyone. You tell us the person or company you want to make a payment to, and we send the payment to the payee and withdraw the money from your account on the scheduled due date. You may schedule one-time, occasional, or recurring payments to be paid right away or a date in the future.

Whom can I pay with this service?

You can pay virtually anyone you want through UBTC BillPayer. There are many payees already on the national database, but you may add anyone to our list of payees, as long as they have a valid U.S. mailing address.

When are the payments processed?

Payments are processed each business day. Any payments scheduled on a non-business day (Saturday, Sunday, and federal holidays) will be issued the following business day.

How far in advance should I schedule payments?

Generally, the system requires payments be scheduled at least 4 days before the payment (due) date. However, some payments can be scheduled to be paid the next business day. The dynamic payment calendar on the Pay Bills module will advise the user of the earliest available payment date for the payee.

When I add a new payee, do I have to wait before I can make the first payment?

No. When you add a payee to the Online Banking payee database, you may immediately schedule a payment to be paid on the next available payment processing day.

Does the system offer E-Bills/Electronic Bill Presentment with email notification?


Yes, for those payees that offer an E-bill service. If available you will see an icon in green that states "Get Bill" next to the payee and you can complete the necessary information to receive an E-bill for that specific payee. Once you have completed those steps and the biller accepts, the icon will change to "Bill" which signifies an E-biller payee.


Online Banking FAQs

How do I apply for UBTC Online Banking?

Visit the Online Banking Login section of the homepage and click 'Personal' or 'Business' in the 'Apply Now' section. This will take you to our Electronic Disclosure Consent Statement.  After you read the disclosure and check 'I Agree' you will be taken to the Internet Banking and BIll Payment Agreement.  After you read the disclosure and check 'I Agree' you will be taken to our Online Internet Banking Enrollment Form. 

What do I need to enroll for Online Banking?

You must have an account with us, and you must have a secure Internet connection. Our Online Banking system currently is best viewed with the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox. Your browser must also be SSL compliant with 128 bit encryption.

Can I receive my bank statement electronically?

Yes, UBTC does offer E-Statements to our Online Banking customers.

How do I sign up fo E-Statements?


When applying for Online Banking simply select ‘Yes’ when answering the question ‘Would you like to receive your statement and other disclosures in electronic format only?’  If you already have an Online Banking account select ‘User Services’ and click on ‘EStatement Only’ or choose the account you wish to opt in to E-Statements, view the statement and select the ‘Opt in for this account’ button.

What type of security do you offer?

Our Online Banking system uses many lines of defense to protect your account information. From authentication, SSL, exclusive encryption software, high-end firewalls, and automatic sign-off, your information is always safe -- it’s like having a bank vault online.

What does SSL mean?

SSL stands for “Secure Socket Layer.” This technology allows users to establish sessions with secure Internet sites - meaning they have minimal risk of external violation. Once inside the Internet Banking site, our use of SSL technology keeps you and your account information secure.

What can I do to protect my account information while I'm online?


We take numerous steps to keep your account information secure. However, you must take precautions as well.

  • Choose a good passcode - Your online passcode, along with your access ID, authenticates you when you begin an Internet Banking session. You should carefully select a passcode that is hard to guess. You should not use personal information or a word that can be found in the dictionary.
  • Keep your passcode safe - Even the best passcode is worthless if it’s written on a note attached to your computer or in your checkbook. Memorize your passcode and never tell it to anyone. We do not need your passcode to help you, so we will never ask you for it.
  • Change your passcode regularly - It’s important to change your passcode regularly. Every time you choose a new passcode, the Internet Banking system runs a quick program to test it. If we can guess it, we will immediately ask you to choose another one.
  • Remember to sign-off properly - You may not always be at your own computer when you bank online. Therefore, it’s important to sign off when you’re finished banking. If you forget to do so, the system automatically signs you off after 10 minutes of inactivity. This will prevent anyone else from accessing your account.

Debit Card FAQs

What is EMV?


EMV® stands for Europay, Mastercard® and Visa®, and is commonly referred to as a chip card. Similarly, an EMV terminal is the same as a chip-enabled terminal.

What is a chip card?


A chip card is a standard-size plastic debit or credit card that contains an embedded microchip as well as a traditional magnetic stripe. The chip encrypts information to help increase data security when conducting transactions at terminals or ATMs that are chip-enabled.

Why does my UBTC debit card now contain a chip?

UBTC debit cards issued April 1, 2016, and after will contain a chip in addition to the traditional magnetic stripe.  The chip provides better protection against counterfeit fraud and greater security when making in-person purchases at a chip-enabled terminal.

How does a chip card work?

If the retailer has a chip-enabled terminal, simply insert your chip card face up in the terminal. The chip card will remain in the terminal while the transaction is processed. To authorize your transaction, just follow the prompts on the terminal as you do today.  Your card is available to be removed from the terminal once the transaction is completed.

If the retailer is not equipped to read the chip card, just swipe as you do today. For transactions made over the phone or online, nothing changes.

Do I need to notify UBTC if I plan to travel outside of the country?


Yes, we do have the capability to temporarily add travel information to your debit card for travel outside of the country. You will need to contact United Bank & Trust Company to add the country or countries where you will be traveling plus include the start and end dates of your trip.

What is Falcon Fraud Manager?

Falcon Fraud Manager is a monitoring system UBTC utilizes to help guard your debit card against fraudulent activity. If suspicious activity is detected on your debit card, you will be contacted by United Bank & Trust Company, or a SHAZAM fraud specialist calling on our behalf, to verify the transactions in question.

Do I have to pay for Falcon Fraud Manager?


UBTC does not charge for this service.

What is Brella?

Brella is a fraud transaction alerting, balance monitoring and ATM locator application.  You can also use this app to block and unblock your UBTC debit card with our transaction control feature! 

How do I access Brella?

Simply download Brella for free from the App Store or Google Play by searching for 'Brella Card Manager' or log into and click on 'New Mobile Card User' to get started.

Do I have to pay for Brella?

Brella is a free mobile app and UBTC does not charge for this service.

How do I report that my ATM or debit card is lost or has been stolen?


During our regular business hours, please contact a UBTC office to report your card lost or stolen and request a new card be issued.  Outside of regular business hours, please call 1-800-383-8000.  This number is available 24 hours a day with customer service representatives available to assist you.  Please have your card number ready to expedite the process.  If you do not have your card number, a representative will be able to look it up for you.

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